If you click on the link below, you will get to the workshop booking form.

Ruth Case is our 2018 Programme Secretary.  Email the form to her (details on the form) and she will confirm whether there is space available.  You can then pay direct into the BQ account (details on the form) which is our preference if possible to save a trek to the bank to pay in cheques, or hand the completed form and cheque to Ruth.  If you pay direct, please confirm to Ruth that you have done so.

ANGIE HUGHES      Weds April 4th


The art work of Klimt and Hundertwasser provides a wealth of inspiration for a small quilt.  A simple design can be created quite quickly using collage on cotton velvet, transfoils, sweetie foils, silks and organza.  The design will form the basis of an afternoon of machine quilting.

Inspired by Hundertwasser

Bags inspired by Klimt: transfoils, sweetie foils and organza on black velvet.  See her website for more images.

ALICE FOX                Weds June 6th


An exploration of ways of incorporating a range of found objects into textile artwork.  They will be wrapped, couched, bound, stitched – over / under / through….   to produce a series of unique samples to take away.  They can then form a springboard for further work.   Hand stitching, no machines required.

Beer bottle tops with rusting and

Objects found on a beach walk – to be used

Hand stitching with textiles and stitch

Not just Hockney

Rust print on fabric with stitch

 PAULINE BARNES  Thurs Sept 6th


A machine stitching workshop using flowers and plants as inspiration for shape and form.

They will be interpreted using several techniques using fabrics, sheers, soluble film and machine embroidery threads.  These will be cut with scissors and soldering irons and machine embroidered.

I do not have specific pictures of quilts related to the class but these are by Pauline Barnes.


Ruth would be happy to elaborate on the workshops if you get in touch with her.

Please note – a booking form must be completed and given/sent to Ruth.  She will then email a workshop requirements list.


Helen Clark is the 2019 Programme Secretary.  If you have any suggestions for speakers or workshops please let her know.